DIY Canva Nude, Black and White Contemporary Business Card

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Stunning business cards are a heart beat away with our gorgeous, modern typography business card template! Receive instant access to your template and then edit in Canva, export and upload to your preferred print shop in two shakes! I even include print shop suggestions in your Editing Guide!

No additional fonts or software is necessary – just a free Canva account!

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‣ Australian size (90 x 55 mm) Business Card Template with a standard Australian bleed of 3mm automatically added
‣ US size (3.5 x 2 inches) Business Card Template with a standard US bleed of .125 inches automatically added
‣ UK size (85 x 55 mm) Business Card Template with a standard UK bleed of 3mm automatically added
‣ BONUS: 42 piece icon kit to use within your design and across your brand

‣ A PDF Canva Links Sheet
‣ A PDF Editing Guide
‣ A zipped folder containing your bonus icons

Note: You will need an Adobe Reader to access these PDFs – a free version is available at:






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Absolutely everything is editable in this design except the template’s dimensions.






‣ My items are set up slightly differently to ensure that customers from the US, Australia and the UK can all print these designs perfectly! It’s very important to have a quick look at the guides included with your purchase.

‣ If printing with an online or in store 3rd party print shop, please ensure that your print store matches both the size and bleed of my designs (details are in the description below under ‘What’s Included’). I also include print shop suggestions for US, UK and Australian customers in your guides!

‣ I do not provide printing support for home printing and can not provide trouble-shooting for your particular home printing machine.

‣ The May Atelier Co bears no responsibility for 3rd party print shop or home printer errors. You must ensure that you read all information in the listing images and description to determine that this template is suited to your needs!





‣ All editing is to be carried out by the buyer only using the Canva online software. By purchasing this template you are confirming that you understand that these are DIY templates that are editable by you using Canva. We do not edit these designs for you. You MUST have a knowledge of Canva to use these templates.
‣ These templates are NOT OOAK and can be resold unlimited times by the May Atelier Co only
‣ No printed materials are included – these are digital products only
‣ Colours can change slightly from screen to screen and screen to print and the May Atelier Co does not bear responsibility for this
‣ You will need a copy of Adobe Reader to access the editing guide and template links
‣ Refunds on our editable templates are strictly unavailable, so please choose your template with care.
‣ You will receive instant access to the designs, via a downloadable PDF containing the Canva links to your templates.






‣ Upon purchasing this item, you agree to have read all of the information included in this description
‣ You may use these templates for your personal business purposes however, they CANNOT be resold or shared in part or whole – legal action will be pursued if this template is sold by any party other than the May Atelier Co
‣ The purchase of this listing entitles use by one user only
‣ The mockups used to present these templates are not included
‣ Any images used in the design are not included and are place holder only
‣ These designs are copyright to the May Atelier Co 2022 – PLEASE DO NOT COPY


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